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Bresnan Communications was an American cable television provider formed by William Bresnan in 1984. It originally operated cable systems on Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Over the next fourteen years, its operations spread to Minnesota Wisconsin, Mississippi and Georgia. In 1994, the company added international operations in Chile and Poland, with the creation of Bresnan International Partners. The company reached 400,000 subscribers after purchasing systems from TCI. When AT&T acquired TCI, Bresnan began to consider an IPO. Before that could occur, Paul Allen's Charter Communications made an offer, and purchased Bresnan's U.S. cable systems for $3.1 billion, organizing them under Charter Communications' umbrella.


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"Upper management uses employees like pawns in a political battle and is willing to sacrifice an employee to make sure they don't loose face. They have too much division of responsibility stemming from having too many Vice Presidents and Directors. They are paralyzed because each of those upper level managers are fighting to control their territory instead of working for the good of the company."

Network Engineer. says

"Senior management in this company is a joke. Bill Bresnan chooses to promote his former gardner to a position of prominence within the company. Yet nobody knows HOW to move up within the company. It's a muddled top heavy mess. By far the worst company I've ever worked for."

Engineer says

"The salaries are not comparable to other companies in the field and the belief is that since you work in the rural mid-west that you do not need to be compensated like your peers in other locations. There is a very extreme and obvious disconnect between Headquarters in NY and employees in MT, WY, CO, and Utah, the VPs and higher ups simply do not listen. The nepotism/cronyism regardless of skills or experience is profound at this company. I suggest that if Bresnan is your only option in your area that you only use it as a stepping stone and get out as soon as possible."

Engineer says

"Poor management and inter/intra office communication often leads to frustrating situations for staff and customers alike. The recent death of Bill Bresnan leaves many employees with an unclear picture of where the company is heading"

Customer Sales and Service (Former Employee) says

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